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Services Available from Ripchord Driving School

Ripchord Driving School has its base in Primrose Hill a few blocks from the Ballina testing centre in Moy Valley Business Park. We are proud to present the widest range of driver training services in Mayo including at our satellite offices in Castlebar. We provide core ADI and EDT Training ourselves, while we may collaborate with specialists on some occasions for other offerings.

Train the Driver Training

We began training ADT’s almost four years ago when we found ourselves unable to recruit suitably competent trainers for our satellite in Castlebar, and from there things just kept rolling. Training durations and costs vary according to the client’s existing skill base although we do our best to keep these as economical as possible. In return we ask our students to accept a restraint on trade in some parts of County Mayo. If you are interested please be in touch when ready to begin.

Assisted Driver Training

Ripchord Driving School believes that every citizen has an enshrined right to drive on Irish roads (and naturally a matching duty to share them with others). We present a number of specialist programs to help people with disadvantages qualify to pass the Road Safety Authority’s basic driving test. We do everything we can to do this within our standard rate. It is the very least that we can do, and we do it with pleasure.

Advanced Driver Training

The introduction of Essential Driver Training represented a great step forward, and undoubtedly saved many lives on Ireland’s roads. That said, it covers just the basics, and is silent on advanced aspects such as motorway driving, negotiating snow and ice, driving in the dark out in the countryside and many other potentially dangerous situations.

Accordingly Ripchord Driving School offers a number of 2-hour ancillary, non-mandatory specialist modules. These are not a part of the EDT all applicants must take before reporting for their practical test. Nevertheless many clients tell us that they benefited greatly by taking them.

Top-Up Driver Training

We regularly assist experienced drivers to adapt to driving on the left side of the road when arriving in Ireland from Europe and USA on contract or permanently. Some clients also request assistance when shifting from automatic to manual gearboxes. Ripchord Driving School’s is ready to assist in any way we can.

Ripchord Driving School