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Will My EDT Test Day be a Worry?

driving-lessons-1This depends to a large extent on how much effort you put in up front. In the case of Ripchord Driving School we will not sign your log book unless you passed our preliminary ‘mock’ driving test sufficiently well that we believe you have a decent chance of passing the examination. The main thing is to keep your cool. Please do not be tempted to take tranquilisers. They can dull your reactions and cause the examiner to suspect you are unsure about what you are doing.

The evening before your test, cast your eye over our pupil testimonials. Our pass rate of over 90% is significantly better than the statistics in the table below. The final key to your success is the effort you put in during your EDT training. So you really do have to bring enthusiasm and dedication to the table.

To Book a Test Call the National Call Centre on 1890406040

Driver Testing Centre

Failing Rate

Queuing Length

Ballina (Moy Valley Business Park in Primrose Hill)


8 Weeks

Castlebar (An Sportlan – Mitchells GAA Club in McHale Road)


10 Weeks

The Above May Change – Contact the RSA for Updates

Tips for Test Day

  • Plan ahead so you arrive in time and know where to park the car you are going to test in. We recommend a ‘recce’ the day before.
  • Report to the reception room and then wait until they call you. When you enter the examiner’s cubicle be respectful and polite.
  • Think about the rules of the road and road signs before you answer questions. This is not a speed test. Ask if the question is not clear.
  • Answer politely and to the point when the examiner asks questions about what happens under the bonnet, and the purposes of the driver controls.
  • It is better take your time and make sure you understand the questions. Trying to impress with half thought-through answers is a ticket to fail.

The Practical Driving Test

Many students make mistakes at the start of the practical driving test. Examiners know this and they make allowances in the beginning. If you crunch a gear or stall the car then break the ice by saying ‘sorry’. After that take a deep breath and try again, calmly. You will soon get into your flow and as you relax you will keep on getting better.

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