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We concentrate on car driver training leading to the award of a light vehicle licence. We adhere strictly to the RSA EDT syllabus, and provide comprehensive notes in student logbooks to demonstrate our students meet requirements. We do not proceed without meeting their sponsors and satisfying ourselves that they understand their responsibilities in terms of practicing. It is only through constant effort that learners become expert drivers.

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Train the Driver Training

We began training ADT’s almost four years ago when we found ourselves unable to recruit.
Assisted Driver Training

Assisted Driver Training

Ripchord Driving School believes that every citizen has an enshrined right to drive on Irish roads.
Advanced Driver Training

Advanced Driver Training

The introduction of Essential Driver Training represented a great step forward, and undoubtedly saved many lives on IE.
Top-Up Driver Training

Top-Up Driver Training

We regularly assist experienced drivers to adapt to driving on the left side of the road when arriving in Ireland.