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Welcome to Ripchord Driving School

Fancy Passing Your Driving Test in Ballina, Mayo?

Ripchord Driving School is in Primrose Hill a few streets away from the Ballina Testing Centre in Moy Valley Business Park, and we doubt there is anybody knows the local business better. Our qualified instructors have all held registration for more than five years now, and we take them through refresher courses annually.

Ripchord follows a structured approach to driver training with all lessons mapped out in advance. So, if say you are doing EDT Lesson 5 Correct Positioning our instructor will take you along a prescribed route, and at a time that’s suited in terms of Ballina traffic conditions and your skills.

At Ripchord, we promise we will never expose you to any situation you are not prepared for. That said we are going to challenge you constantly to outdo your previous best. We have two aims to achieve. Firstly – and most importantly we turn out skilled and confident drivers. Secondly, we train students who pass their RSA driving tests almost every time.

Our Satellite Offices in Castlebar

We have two experienced instructors( worked in Driving Schools Brisbane) permanently stationed in Castlebar not far from the local railway station for easy student access. They follow the same procedures as our base in Ballina, but favour the official testing routes leading away from the An Sportlan Club in McHale Road, where the Road Safety Authority stations its examiners.

Driving Tests to Pass with Us

We concentrate on car driver training leading to the award of a light vehicle licence. We adhere strictly to the RSA EDT syllabus, and provide comprehensive notes in student logbooks to demonstrate our students meet requirements. We do not proceed without meeting their sponsors and satisfying ourselves that they understand their responsibilities in terms of practicing. It is only through constant effort that learners become expert drivers.

We also do more advanced driver training for clients who are already licenced. This includes visitors accustomed to driving on the other side of the road, those requiring to drive regularly on motorways, and returning nationals needing to catch up on what has changed since they left.

Finally, we do remedial training for clients who are required to do a re-test, folk who have been in accidents and lost their nerve, and over-aggressive drivers who seem constantly in trouble. The most dangerous motorist is the over-confident one who thinks they own the road. Our job at Ripchord is to encourage people to share it.

Ripchord Driving School